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NEET 2024: NMC Reduced NEET Syllabus

The National Medical Commission (NMC) recently announced a reduction in the syllabus for the NEET 2024 examination. 

Earlier NEET syllabus used to released by NTA but this year NMC has released the NEET 2024 syllabus.

NTA released the syllabus for Physics and Chemistry. similar syllabus has been released for NEET exam by NMC.

As part of this revision, the NMC has eliminated 9 chapters from the chemistry syllabus and 6 chapters from the biology syllabus. 

In the field of Chemistrythe following chapters have been removed from the syllabus:

  1. State of Matter, 
  2. Hydrogen, 
  3. The s-Block Elements, 
  4. Environmental Chemistry, 
  5. The Solid State, 
  6. Surface Chemistry, 
  7. General Principles of Metallurgy, 
  8. Chemical Kinetics, and 
  9. Polymers. 

In Biology, NMC has deleted the following chapters —

  1. Transport in Plants,
  2. Mineral Nutrition,
  3. Digestion and Absorption,
  4. Reproduction in Organisms,
  5. Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production,
  6. Environmental Issues.
In Physics  also NMC has added 5 sub topics.

Experts believe that reducing the NEET syllabus may compromise the overall quality of medical education. They believe that a comprehensive understanding of these topics is crucial for aspiring medical professionals. Furthermore, these chapters cover fundamental concepts that form the basis for advanced topics in the field.

On the other hand, proponents of the syllabus reduction argue that it will help alleviate the burden on students, enabling them to focus on key topics and improve their performance in the examination. They contend that the revised syllabus will streamline the preparation process, allowing students to allocate their time and efforts more effectively.

It is important to note that the NEET examination is highly competitive, and aspiring medical students dedicate significant time and effort to prepare for it. While the reduction in syllabus may provide some relief, it is essential for students to remain diligent and ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of all relevant topics.

In conclusion, the NMC’s decision to reduce the NEET 2024 syllabus has stirred debate among experts. While some argue that it may alleviate the burden on students, others believe it compromises the quality of medical education. Aspiring medical professionals should adapt their preparation strategies accordingly, ensuring they cover all essential topics to succeed in the examination

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