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The Coaching Scam: Exam Preparation and the Dark Side of Coaching Institutes

The Coaching Scam: the Dark Side of Coaching Institutes
  Preparing for NEET or JEE Exams is a crucial time for students aspiring to become Doctor/Engineer. To prepare for the entrance exam, many students opt to join coaching institutes that promise to provide them with the necessary guidance and resources. However, amidst the competitive world of exam preparation, a disturbing trend has emerged – The Coaching Scam. Students invest their time, money, and hopes in these coaching institutes, dedicating themselves to year-long preparation. They trust that the coaching institute will equip them with the knowledge and skills required to excel in their exams. However, when the results are declared, a disheartening reality unfolds.


Some Coaching Institutes, driven by the desire to boost their reputation and attract new admissions, resort to unethical practices. They approach the top-performing students and offer them a significant amount in exchange for claiming their results. They claim the student result in the name of the their Institute. These Institutes ask Students to state that they were enrolled in their coaching institutes or joined their Test Series. This deceitful strategy is employed year after year by certain coaching institutes, tarnishing the reputation of the genuine ones. It is sad to witness these institutes cunningness over the hard work and contributions of their students.


As an evidence, we can take an example: the newspaper’s coverage of JEE/NEET exam results reveals a multitude of coaching institutes.  They proudly display their top-performing students. However, one might notice that the toppers across these institutes often share striking similarities.


  • Genuine Coaching Institutes, which dedicates themselves to provide Quality Education and support, are overshadowed by these scams.
  • The hard work and efforts of these genuine coaching institutes go unrecognized.
  • The focus shifts solely to the other institutes who have given results in NEET/JEE Exams.

Actions needs to be taken for The Coaching Scam

  • It is required to address this issue and protect the integrity of the NEET/JEE or any other exam preparation process.
  • Students deserve an equal and fair opportunity to showcase their abilities without the interference of coaching institutes seeking to manipulate their results for personal gain.
  • Regulatory bodies and educational authorities must take strict action against coaching institutes involved in this scam.
  • Stringent guidelines and monitoring mechanisms should be put in place to ensure that coaching institutes adhere to ethical practices.
  • Transparency in the reporting of results, along with thorough verification processes, can help expose and deter such fraudulent activities.
  • Additionally, students and their parents should be encouraged to conduct thorough research before joining a coaching institute.
  • Reviews, testimonials, and word-of-mouth recommendations can provide valuable insights into the credibility and reputation of an institute.
  • It is crucial to choose an institute that prioritizes the holistic development and growth of its students, rather than one that focuses solely on manipulating exam results.
The coaching scam is a dark reality that plagues the exam preparation landscape. It is essential for all stakeholders – students, parents, coaching institutes, and regulatory bodies – to come together to eliminate this unethical practice. By doing so, we can ensure that the hard work and dedication of students are duly recognized, and genuine coaching institutes receive the recognition they deserve.

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